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Screen printing 15

Oriental era of printing and dyeing to create superior quality of life, pastoral style of life attitude, is a tense urban life of a touch of sunshine, 100% cotton fabric selection of high quality Xinj

Eastern era of printing and dyeing to create superior quality of life

100% Cotton

Quality life

Traditional & fashion combination

Classic minimalist, stylish checkered stripes give you a different visual experience, allowing you to walk in the cutting edge of fashion.

100% cotton fabric

Selection of high quality Xinjiang raw cotton, after the combing from the textile. Personal comfort, durable, 0 stimulating, unique soft skin texture

Latitude and longitude changes intertwined, higher density, more thick soft skin, geometric fine breathable space

Do not add any harmful substances on the human body, long wash does not fade


Soft skin

Active printing and dyeing

Big reason / can not refuse

100% cotton

High density

0 add

Product Properties

Health and environmental protection / 0 add / not fade / feel soft

Natural active printing and dyeing process

High density weaving techniques

Name: rotary screen printing
Fabric: 100% cotton
Process: active printing and dyeing

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